How to subscribe?

di Redazione  -  25-12-2019

How to subscribe?

Through the website of the Sanctuary  at the entry word "Rivista" or at the address at the entry word "Abbonati"


The annual subscription fee for the magazine is 10 Euros and the payment can be made by credit card or by a pre-paid PayPal card, according to the instructions indicated on the page. As soon as payment is notified, your subscription will be immediately available on the user/subscriber area and effective for one year.

How to make use of the subscription?

After the subscription has been activated you will be directed to the last published issue of the magazine; just press on the cover and you will be able to consult the magazine.

Consultation of archives?

Every active subscription allows also to acceed to the previous issues published. To consult the archive click on the entry word "Archivio" of the menu.


Your subscription entitles you to a paper issue containing the Calendar that will be shipped to the address indicated by you during registration.

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